February 16 to 18, 2024 | Palais des congrès de Montréal | Friday : 12 pm to 9 pm | Saturday : 10 am to 6 pm | Sunday : 10 am to 5 pm

Exhibitor Information

The #1 Event in Quebec to present products and services to cyclists

Why Exhibit?


  • The ideal place in Quebec to launch new products and services for cyclists
  • The best event to publicize its activities in cycling and to recruit new members and participants
  • A unique opportunity to generate sales more quickly early in the season
  • An opportunity to develop your contacts and distribution network
  • A special contact with cyclists to better understand and meet their needs
  • The ability to recruit qualified personnel for next season
  • A great way to stay ahead of the competition

Promotional Campaign

A huge promotional campaign whose focus will be to attract thousands of enthusiasts and consumers will be held across Quebec weeks before the Show’s opening:

  • Montreal Bicycle Show Web site
  • Exhibitors’ Web site
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Campagne sur les réseaux sociaux avec des influenceurs
  • Advertisement on TV
  • Advertisement in newspapers and specialized magazines
  • Advertisement on radio with prized tickets
  • Electronic mailings to all bike retailer
  • Electronic mailings to all cycling gear wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers
  • Electronic mailings to all cycling clubs and associations in Quebec with invitation to their members
  • Electronic mailings to all petitioned organizations
  • Electronic mailings to other targeted names
  • Interviews and live coverage on TV and Radio
  • Advertisement campaign in exhibitors’ shops and marketplaces

Exhibitors Profile

Businesses and organizations invited to be exhibitors at Montreal Bicycle Show are:

  • Cycle Manufacturers / Distributors
  • Manufacturers / Distributors of clothing for cyclists
  • Manufacturers / Distributors of equipment, parts, accessories and tools
  • Bicycle Specialty Retailers
  • Publications and journals
  • Travel agencies and cycling promotional agencies in Quebec and around the world
  • Public Safety Services (eg Police)
  • Utilities Services (eg SAAQ)
  • Common carriers with specific services for cyclists (eg buses, taxis, trains, planes, ferries, etc.)
  • Tourist establishments offering packages for cyclists
  • Schools of education and training
  • Federal, provincial and municipal
  • Regional Tourism Associations
  • Societies of federal parks, state and local
  • Promoters of activities and cycling competitions
  • Manufacturers and distributors of supplements, products and energy drinks
  • Promoteurs d’activités et de compétitions cyclistes
  • Organizations for promoting physical activity, safety and health

Visitors Profile

This is the typical profile of the visitors according to a recent survey:

1) Age
Less than 20 years16.3%
Between 20 and 29 years9.9%
Between 30 and 39 years17.0%
Between 40 and 49 years28.4%
Between 50 and 59 years20.9%
60 years and more7.5%
2) Sex
3) Home Region (Tourism Region)
Montreal and Laval34.8%
Chaudiere – Appalaches0.7%
Exterieur du Qubec0.7%
Duplessis (Côte nord)0.3%
No answer8.2%
4) Education Level
5) Do you cycle ?
Yes regular weekly84.4%
Several times a month8.1%
Rarely but I want me to5.7%
6) Favorite place for cycling:
In the streets28.0%
On bike paths26.9%
Roads and rural31.9%
In mountain11.4%
BMX and others1.8%
7) Main reason to visit the Show:
New trends in bicycle cycling equipment and clothing"37.2%
New destinations for cycling31.9%
Lear about cycling and bicycles13.5%
Curiosity / Other reasons17.4%
8. Following my visit I plan to purchase (Multiple answers)"
A new bicycle27.7%
Parts and components31.2%
No purchase planned16.7%
9) Budget for the purchase of the bicycle:
From $ 100. to $ 499.15.4%
From $ 500. to $ 999.28.2%
From $ 1000. to $ 1999.19.2%
$ 2000 and more37.2%

83.3 % of visitors surveyed plan to shop during and after their visit to the Show !